Wednesday, June 22, 2011 down whats wrong?

For most of you who don’t have Facebook account I bet you be wondering why is Digi website down. Well they don’t even know why is it down LOL

digi“We understand that our customers have been intermittently experiencing disruptions to our website and associated online services. We are currently working on rectifying the issue, and aim to have full service recovery as soon as possible. We regret the inconvenience faced. Thank you.” Read more...


People are complaining, well I can’t access my account to view some stuff too so I am ranting here about it. Last week the 3g connection network was down, some people can’t even get the Digi signal (including myself) some could not surf. But those on the normal D50 and so on plan were fine.

I some how get the feeling they are being DDOS’ed or worst someone manage to break into their server lol Anyway join Digi Fanpage. You get your updates from it.

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