Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Malaysia Government Doing?



Finally a Fanpage that is created for FREEE and not a single sen was spend unlike Malaysia Government who wasted the tax money into paying a RM1.8 MILLION FANPAGE. Like we don’t know about it, all fucking corruption and now they claim most of the money was spend on online advertisement?

You think we all stupid is it, go tell your maid that lar they also will think “wa.. and I thought Indon was bad.. this is even WORST want to cheat the public money and lie with a thick face  HA HA HA”.

UMNO guy seems to be rushing to make money before General Election, I guess they must have fucked up somewhere and trying to grab as much money they can before they loose power. But like can’t they at lease do it the proper way? maybe build a nuke plant and pump in the money first and grab their commission from the contractor?

There is a lot of way to grab money with out making a fool out of yourself or finding someone to be your scapegoat. Ask Badawi & Mahathir or even better the guy who is half bald now and still walking around claiming it was not his idea to buy sugarbun share at a fucking ridiculous price Datuk Yong LOL. All this people manage to do daylight robbery with out facing any court action because they exploited the system and no one can do any legal action against them.

Anyway you all should join this Facebook Fanpage and I would like to thank who ever created this page and again I say this page does not cost few million or what ever. This is a FREE FANPAGE LOL


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