Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digi Free Broadband that cost me RM42.90

I was given a free broadband plan (just sim card) which is usable for 6 months. My friend got it from a annual digi dinner thing for all the hand phone shop community in Kota Kinabalu. At registration I was inform to pay advance RM30 in case I forgot to terminate it after 6 months of using. This is one of digi plan where they will charge according to the plan every month after the promotion was over. Where I did ask if I could take back the advance payment after 6 months, they counter said yes. So why should I not apply? So then today was already 6 months since I applied for it. I was inform that I had another 3 months to use for free and not get back my RM30. So I was like WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?? ah nevermind then, he inform me I could pay later but like I still need to pay it in the end right?

I insisted on terminating it and so he proceeded terminating it and then came another bill asking me to pay RM12.90 and like what is this for again? He bla bla bla bla and bla bla bla where none of it made any sense to me. I asked if he could just deduct from the 3 months advance payment which is not refundable and he said no. So like I had to pay additional rm12.90 despite paying RM30 for another 3 months advance which is not refundable? This is a bit too silly and more like cheating the consumer. 

Why in the first place they said it was free when I had to fork out RM42.90 just to use it and end it? Since it was not nice of me to argue with the guy over there on this matter so I asked the online D’Chat thing. But only to be ignored:


No respond after asking all that lol, I guess the guy on the keyboard too could no say anything because he himself know what they did is cheating. Well it may be a small amount but cheating 1 sen or 5 sen is still cheating. At lease I got a reply on facebook but then he just said the same thing as they did in the Digi outlet at api-api centre


Notice a typo there lol wanted to say trial but I end up typing “trail” hahaha well then again I still got cheated.  Moral of the story? there are no such thing as free stuff anymore. So when someone claim it is free, beware he is trying to scam you into something just like Digi did to me and my friend.

But there is always E-Tribunal who claims:

“You feel cheated? Claim your right here. Fee can be paid via FPX payment online, counter or Post Money.”


I am still trying to fill up, a bit confusing because I was filling up another section and not this E-Tribunal thing just now lol

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