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Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia explanation what is use for RM1.8M



The RM1.8million budget is used for:

1.           Technical

1.1         Dedicated hardware deployment

1.2         Software licensing

1.3         Front end applications

1.4         Application Server engine

2.           Development of six (6) campaigns which requires:

2.1         Flash games engine

2.2         Flash programming & coding

2.3         Creative Development and Design

2.4         Campaigns Ideas and Concept

2.5         Front-end Flash Design

2.6         Testing and Debugging

3.           Campaign Promotions

3.1         Digital advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook

3.2         Contest, Page Wall and Tourism Fanpage Content Management

3.3         Collection and management of Database


wah… must be a specialist.. did they hire bill gate son? no wait.. maybe must have been Rais who did the installation LOL

Dedicated Hardware deployment?
What the fuck is this? they bought a ipad or mac just to setup the FANPAGE??? LOL

Software licensing?
er.. they bought a mac and ipad then had to buy adobe flash.. oo this is gonna cost a lot but eh.. but they just sub to another company to do the work and I am sure that company already have their own software to do the work.... er.. what licensing are they talking about?

front end application????
If you guys don’t know what is this, well it means "User interface or that part of a software or a website that a user sees on the screen, and acts on to enter commands or to access other parts of the software or website. See also back end application." where by default when you create the fanpage it has already a front end application. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????

Application server engine?
Well every game has a engine build in, like cars has a engine and games like star craft and so on has large engine which take years to complete. Where flash game.. yes flash based game.. has small engine ok forget what I just said. Try asking your friends who know how to make flash animation and create a button which will make a dot move using cs4.  If you got some idea how flash work, here is a tutorial how to make your own flash game "Learn how to make a Flash game within minutes"

Development of six (6) campaigns which requires:
6 campaigns? er.. whats with the 6? just want to make your explanation more technical is it so people lazy read? lol

Campaign Promotions:
Google adword? er.. facebook?? like you have RTM LOL radio works much better but wait… "Curi-curi Wang Malaysia" page didn’t even spend a single sen on advertising… they got 34,749 fan now(10.41pm 6/15/2011) more then CutiCuti1Malaysia page 29,493 as at 10.41pm 06/15/2011.  wonder did Curi-curi Want Malaysia spend more.. eh no they spend more time informing us public about themselves and did not spend RM1.8 million!

Contest, Page Wall and Tourism Fanpage Content Management:
Wa.. what are you talking about this again. What management, who are the management? I thought Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen and her Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk James Dawos Mamit  are the management? or they just goyang kaki and hire someone to do their job using the public money more then a million to do their work? You are getting paid by the rakyat to do your job, why hire someone else to manage it?

Collection and management of Database:
Collection.. and management database.. I am trying to convince myself think that you guys are hosting on your very own dedicated server but no.. you are using facebook fanpage. You don’t need to handle their big database.. you don’t even have access to that. So what database are you talking about? your illegal money is it?


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