Saturday, June 25, 2011

US experts say man in sex video 99.99% likely to be Opposition Leader!! LOL

Datuk T trio claims that U.S expert (from Dartmouth College who offer world-class professional schools—the Tuck School of Business, Thayer School of Engineering, and Dartmouth Medical School—and outstanding graduate programs in the arts and sciences and not arts or multimedia stuff) had quoted as saying that the video was authentic and that the man in the video was 99.99% likely to be Anwar.

So let me try search on their news section.. hm.. search for “Anwar Ibrahim”, I got nothing… ok maybe just anwar then I think two words is a bit to hard for this old college which is not into i.t so let me try…

Sorry. Your search yielded no results. Please search again.

I think there must be something wrong.. ok let me try Malaysia then… ohh there is a result!!!! :

More Than Two Centuries of Teaching at Dartmouth

Posted on June 02, 2011.

Seven retiring Dartmouth professors were recognized during a May 16 meeting of the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences.

I must be good at it, lets see what is it about..  on malaysia:

“He continues to work with the Batek people of Malaysia, who he first met in 1971, and he is currently studying the impact of tourism on indigenous people.”


I think something below maybe… let me read first… ok here:

“Professor Endicott could teach the theory, the methods, and the passion—and make it all stick in our brains. One moment he’d be discussing the development of functionalist to structuralist anthropology, the next moment he’d demonstrate—with somewhat disturbing accuracy—how to use a Malaysian blow-dart gun.”


Like.. did they really do any study on anwar? how he look like, what is his body figure and so on? wait.. did this people really ask a professor???? LOL

“One of the lawyers, Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, told reporters outside the court that the forensic analysis by the experts had based its findings on a video of a surveillance camera received from CyberSecurity Malaysia.” The Star..

I think there must be something wrong, could it be this college never updated their website? Because they are assisting oversea country to help on a court case but why is there nothing on their website.. Maybe they are just slow just like Pos Laju who can’t seem to find my item which was send yesterday morning and this morning my tracking code still not detected till reach kk then can see on the Pos Laju tracking site.


But well just watch this video and it makes you wonder about those UMNO guys:


Makes you wonder should we really register ourself and vote? Smile

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