Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friendster fucked up

Friendster has once again done it, they changed everything.. layout, framework, and the whole idea of how the Social network Boom. It may have been dead well for some part of the world, but majority of us started from there. But no.. friendster just did it again, they pissed off million of users and turned friendster into this:


All the photos are gone, message as well, and they have claim to send notification and so on. I check my friendster mail every once a week, I check my friendster profile every week, and no I did not notice any news about saying everything be gone.

Majority Friendster user are complaining at their Facebook page,



They claim to have said:

Friendster Team (Employee) No. We gave users months to save their profile and photos. Unfortunately, the deadline for that was last June 27.


Like this is so true? I never even notice that news of them saying everything be gone. I remember msn space gave me email, notification as I login into my old blog and even requested me to download all my old pictures. What did Friendster do? Nothing.

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