Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HTC Sensation is on Digi now…

I manage to access Digi site using my phone and this is what I saw:



I just got my HTC Desire HD last week.. was it a good buy or not? I don’t know but well 100 difference only.. But yes I am slightly regretting now after looking at this package. Then again I am still happy I got a new phone lol plus I just ordered my Case-Mate Pop!!!! Black color hehehe

Also I still can’t access Digi website on Streamyx. I think it is the same as everyone else, they blocked streamyx ip range for some odd reason? dunno. Digi said this on facebook:

“DiGi Telecommunications
Hi all, our DiGi webpage is accessible to those who are using a DiGi Internet plan on any devices. Unfortunately for the time being our website is inaccessible to those surfing on other networks (such as TMNET, Maxis Broadband, etc). Service restoration is in progress and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Service is expected to resume within 24 hours. Check the latest status on DiGi Facebook.” 

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