Friday, April 30, 2010

My house is being RAIDED!!!! Part 3 (WAR)

The war has been going on for almost 5 days now and the red army seems to be loosing or they are moving based. Looking at the situation I have realize it is time to start war at the red army second base, which is located somewhere in the kitchen.  Just have a look at the war zone area 5 days ago:


Now here is the latest satellite photo:




I would say about 60% of the biological weapons used for this war is gone. Which is good news as the red army are feeding this back at their base. The new war zone area has already been completed and here are some pictures of it:




There is a entrance to this area from the front and I am sure the red army will be fooled again by this biological weapon again. I hope to win the war by end of next month he he he

GutterUncensored Back with a new link

Copied from facebook: Stop with the email addresses, here is the blog @

His new place is up xD

GutterUncensored remove, down, or unable to access again?

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'



404 Not Found (?).


Seems like the normal URL I use to access to Mr. Gutter site is down again where his last post was about:

Karissa Shannon Show Some Upskirt On Street With Her New Boyfriend

5 hours ago

Read more:

Not sure what happen maybe the singaporean chix did some stuff to one of google staff. Strip tease them on the webcam? lol anyway both of the url  “ ” and “ ” are down. Being linked to another website, could be his site got hijacked by some hacker from Malaysia or Singapore. Then again I am just assuming as there are no news from both of his Facebook Account.

At the moment his facebook account are both being flooded with questions from all the guys (Yes majority are man, well we do like this stuff haha) I guess it be a while again for him to post some good stuff lol

Monday, April 26, 2010

My house is being RAIDED!!!! Part 2 (WAR)

This afternoon after patiently waiting.. finally i heard the voice of the person I have been searching for who will assist me on my weapon for my up coming attack against the red army. You will hear him almost everyday, everywhere, and same thing always. With the powerful voice that is strong enough to hear from a distant shouting..:


Where I quickly stood up and ran our of my office toward him. So I quickly negotiated the price of this powerful weapon to kill the red army:

Me: bos berapa kamu jual itu racun tikus?
Weapon Guy: Ini harga satu ringgit saja!
Me: Berapa banyak saya boleh dapat?
Weapon Guy: 3 packet!!! cukup untuk satu minggu ni!!

So I kept quiet for a while thinking how many should I buy.. but then how much do I have in my pocket? Quickly I checked both of my pocket and yes a few crumple up money. I counted and only to find two ringgit and 10 cents, thinking no more I said..

Me: Bos kasih saya DUA RINGGIT!
Weapon Guy: Boleh bos!!

So the weapon guy pull out 2 set of package where 1 package has 3 ant poison. But then I have no experience using such advance weapon, so I had to ask the guy for some basic instruction…":

Me: Bos apa macam pakai ini barang?
Weapon Guy: kau buka dan terus kasih tabur saja di tempat semut itu
Me: Ohh begitu pula, jadi berapa lama lar ni?
Weapon Guy: patut 1 minggu pun cukup sudah
Me: oo ok bos, thank you.
Weapon Guy: RACUN TIKUS!!!! RACUN SEMUT!!!!!!!…

Well he started promoting back his weapon again and left me standing there.. So this is how the stuff I bought look like:



I have no idea where is it made from, or what is it called, there are some pinyin character and english.   But none mentioning the origin or the brand. So work or not I don’t know but well this is just a starting for my war plan. I have invested RM2 into this plan so it much work!!!

So as time passed by I have created a flat space on my wall so I will not damage my whole apartment space. Using the best design available I have created this:



But as I started the war I notice there was a big problem on my war zone.. it is slowly going down due to the heavy weight of my weapon!!! So after tweaking around my brain I quickly created a good solution where I installed a support beamer just below the war zone area and now it looks much better:




As you can see few of the red army have died, yes they were suppose to bring back this poison to their base. I guess due to the greed of themself… they wanted some share and ate it. I guess even insects don’t follow order.. lol

Virus link? : msn, irc, yahoo, aol, icq, facebook, friendster

(removed) said (8:59 PM):
Loi em noi cho tinh chung ta, nhu doan cuoi trong cuon phim buon. Nguoi da den nhu la giac mo roi ra di cho anh bat ngo...
Loi em noi cho tinh chung ta, nhu doan cuoi trong cuon phim buon. Nguoi da den nhu la giac mo roi ra di cho anh bat ngo...


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Don’t click any of those link if you see them including here. Most of those link are the cause of your infected pc majority of them are being stored into your pc without your knowledge.

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I guess people are still looking for GutterUncensored lol

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My house is being RAIDED!!!!

The past few weeks my place is is being attacked by a few colonies of RED ANTS!!! I used to ignore the ant as previously there were only black ants and this small black ants don’t attack me and my family. But this new ant which recently came and raided my home does.

They explored all most every area in this apartment I live here and yes if  I drop some food you see an army of ants on the food in less then 2 minutes. They explore so much place such as my towel which is being hang, used, and well drying it up. But till my cloths all and underwear too!!!! so when I wear it.. just try imagine what happen. Yes.. they bite.. and I can feel the pain…. it is annoying because I can’t do much about this ants.

I found out which species is it.. and it is called Pharoah Ants:

“The pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis) is a small (2 mm) yellow or light brown, almost transparent ant notorious for being a major indoor nuisance pest, especially in hospitals. The origin of this "tramp" ant is uncertain, although favoured alternatives include West Africa and Indonesia. The Pharaoh ant has been introduced to virtually every area of the world including Europe, the Americas, Australasia and Southeast Asia. Pharaoh ants are a tropical species but they thrive in buildings anywhere, even in temperate regions provided central heating is present.”

So since our apartment is very hot I guess it is normal for them to come over here.. Ever since the cyber cafe opened up just below us. All kind of problem has happen, ants started attacking, our water is hot now days with out a heater installed, can’t sleep sometimes because of the heat at night, and what else… I guess the floor is damage too.

My solution is to kill them all at 1 go and yes I found a few useful website. Will try to find the poison by tomorrow hehe



How to Get Rid of Pharoah Ants

Kill Fire Ants

How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Friday, April 23, 2010

Only in Malaysia – 14 year old raped by a Cop

Don’t really know why this kind of news never make it on our major news. But well have a look:

SEREMBAN: The parents of a 14-year-old girl, who claimed that their daughter was raped by a policeman, are livid over the snail-paced investigation.

The girl's 36-year-old father, whose identity has been withheld to protect the girl, said his daughter was allegedly raped by a policeman friend sometime in March.

The production operator subsequently filed a police report on March 21, but is in the dark as to the progress of the investigation.

"I'm disappointed with the police. We are still in the dark,” he told a press conference organised by Negeri Sembilan PAS commissioner here.

“I contacted the police twice, but they gave me the same answer – still under investigation,” said the distraught father, who was accompanied by his wife and daughter.

Still waiting for medical report

Meanwhile, the girl's mother is dissapointed that Hospital Seremban had yet to furnish them with a medical report despite her daughter undergoing an examination there on March 21.

She also said that the incident had traumatised her daughter, and has affected her studies.

Meanwhile, the girl claimed that on March 20, the policeman had punched her in the face when she told him that she wanted to inform her parents about the sexual assault.

Zulkefly urged the police to take the case seriously and complete their investigation as soon as possible.

"She is still a child. I hope a fair investigation is conducted,” he said.

At a press conference later, Negeri Sembilan police chief Osman Salleh assured that the police will not take sides, and revealed that the investigation is nearing completion.

"In fact, our investigation is 90% completed and we need to add additional details to the statements recorded earlier,” he said.

Osman clarified that the delay was because the investigating officer is currently on duty in Hulu Selangor because of the by-election.

True or not I would prefer believing the girl then our police here in Malaysia. The sense of justice is no more, it is more too money and connection now days. If you got no money or got money but no connection you still be facing trouble when dealing with any government project, work, or the worst if you got anything to deal with  our Royal Malaysian Police.

I have seen how my friends were treated, some of them were beaten up, some where in jail and passed away in the cell too. Not to say they are not doing their work but more like they are abusing their power. Not all of them, but even if their superior don’t like that police he still try his best to protect them as it might effect his promotion in the future. So thing like framing people is also possible, as such incident ever happened to my uncle here in Kota Kinabalu. Well all because of the political stuff, to make thing worst they frame the wrong uncle. Witness who say had to run away all the way to Brunei after being threaten. Our whole family was under the eyes of the police then again I was young I think or maybe my mom told me over and over about it. I can’t really remember and don’t want to ask about some old past.

Well the main point I am trying to say is, if any of you guys ever had to deal with the police and it is something big. Never forget you have a right to make a single phone call where if you got a lawyer relative call them. But if it is something big like you are being frame.. I suggest you call the media like CNN or any other non Malaysian news station. As all the news in Malaysia is being controlled and yes it is not really a freedom news speech. More ever it is best you flee the country, if this is possible for you just like RPK.

Related URL:


Free Malaysia Today

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some stuff that most girls should think when buying a webcam..

I guess most of you out there owns a webcam that comes is fit with the lcd screen (usually a laptop, notebook, and any small pc) or portable webcam (for desktop). Here are some scary stuff that could happen especially for girls:



She is having a chatsex with someone!!! what she did not notice is this guy(should be a guy I assume) actually recording it. As for information on her with just few small details such as a email address or name you can even be a professional stalker. For a example this girl her name is Jacouelyn Teoh, try google it up and you see tons of result.

Now try google’ing up this keyword “Jacouelyn Teoh Facebook” or just search for that name in facebook itself haha.

Well recording is not the only method available, as you need to be close to the girl for her to actually strip in front of the webcam. The easy way is to install a backdoor or Trojan and gain access to the pc. Where you try to gain control of the pc and yes.. accessing her webcam would be one of them. Then again now days it is not really easy as most of the computer which comes with a cracked antivirus software such as norton, mcfee and so on. So if you are planning to use tools like netbus or subseven.. it will not work anymore unless you are still on xp and well someone installed it for you lol xD

As for this poor girl.. well what can i say… just look at her facebook:

... alamak i think she deleted her profile.. lol well this is what she said this morning:

“Jacouelyn Peggy Teoh is being frame by others. She had made 2 police report this morning. Dont worry about her, she will be fine, just feeling upset right now.. thanks for everyone calling for concerned and support. We will do something of it.. just to let you all that beaware of those kind of cases. I do not want it to be happen to other ...model again.. Do take notez! Million thanks to you all! ♥”

So the poor girl is being frame.. well can’t blame her… I know this is not really a good post but then for you girls out there. Bear in mind that you are not really protected and this really can happen to you if you are taking it lightly when someone ask you to strip or accepting a file from you internet friend then running it on your pc.


More details on GutterUncensored:
Malaysian Model Jacouelyn Teoh Leaked Nude Webcam Video Of Her Cybersexing


Personal details for victim:
Full name: Jacouelyn Peggy Teoh

Windows Live: Jacouelyn Nadeshiko


About Me:

Sex: Female
Birthday: October 26

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Name : Jacouelyn
Email :
DoB : 26 October 1991
Race : Chinese
Gender : Female
Height : 165cm
Weight : 42kg
Dress Size : S
Shoe Size : 6
Hair Type : Long
Hair Colour : Black
Eye Colour : Black
Vital Statistics : 34-24-34 (C-Cup)
Occupation : Professional Model
Spoken Language : English/Chinese/Malay/Cantonese
Current Address : Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Digi going green or stressing up people?

Well remember that time when I was posting about stopping your Digi paper bill?.. omg that was January!!! and  I thought February… well anyway I am still receiving the paper bill. So how many months was that… January, February, March and April alamak 4 month lar suda.

Which means 4 x 3= rm .. er.. oh RM12 this is a lot!!! haha jk this is enough to feed me a day, enough for a primary student for 2 days, and enough for a beggar 3 days of meal. Yes it takes 4 months plus (I be receiving another last Hard Copy statement bill for April) and I am set to save the tree’s around the world.. I think. But then again this is no difference then the Government?? Did digi just go private sector to government sector??? What the happen already?? It does make me piss off every month logging into OCS, click on D’chat, and pop out the same question every month and getting the same answer every time. I think the D’chat operator are starting to recognize me and already prepare a auto reply script lol.

If I knew this was going to happen I would have save all the chat log with them and well post it here. Then again this might be the last time I ask the same question with them but well here is the log:
(9:02:17 am)  Your chat session has started..
  (9:02:25 am)  DiGi CS:  Hi, welcome to D'Chat. My Name is SITI SUHAILA. How may I assist you?
  (9:02:36 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  Gd morning, :D
  (9:02:47 am)  DiGi CS:  Good morning. How can I help?
  (9:03:08 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  I think i have asked this question for the past few months or every month since febuary i think and been getting the same reply most of the time
  (9:03:15 am)  DiGi CS:  okay
  (9:03:28 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  up to date i am still getting a hard copy statement of my bill
  (9:03:46 am)  DiGi CS:  May I confirm your number is 016xxxxxxx?
  (9:03:46 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  am i getting a rm3 discount even thought i still receive my bill?
  (9:03:50 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  yes
  (9:04:00 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  i requested for 2 number
  (9:04:15 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  016 and the other one is 019xxxxxxxalso
  (9:04:15 am)  DiGi CS:  And can I get the other number?
  (9:04:45 am)  DiGi CS:  Thank you
  (9:04:59 am)  DiGi CS:  the physical bill service for both numbers have been deactivated
  (9:05:06 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  ahh
  (9:05:44 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  and i just receive 1 yesterday lol
  (9:05:50 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  for my 016
  (9:06:19 am)  DiGi CS:  The service was deactivated on the 10th march
  (9:06:24 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  statement date 08/04/2010
  (9:06:45 am)  DiGi CS:  the bill that you received will be your last physical bill
  (9:06:51 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  ah ok
  (9:07:03 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  because that was the same answered i got last month too
  (9:07:08 am)  DiGi CS:  it's the same with the 019 numbers too
  (9:07:29 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  ah ok so the 019 will be getting another bill too?
  (9:07:52 am)  DiGi CS:  I believe so, the statement date is for the 1st april
  (9:07:59 am)  DiGi CS:  which will also be the last bill
  (9:08:45 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  woh... i guess it really takes a few months to unsubscribe paper bill
  (9:09:02 am)  DiGi CS:  yes
  (9:09:09 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  well thanks for informing me on that too :)
  (9:09:15 am)  DiGi CS:  You're welcome. Is there anything else I may assist you with?
  (9:09:31 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  don't think so, but thanks for answering again :)
  (9:09:38 am)  ADRIEL D.K:  have a nice day :)
  (9:09:44 am)  Thank you and have a nice day.
I have save the printscreen of the chat and well just in case they take legal action against me or anything for posting this up lol… so guys if you want to stop your digi bill and save mother nature.. do keep on calling them or logon into your OCS and use D’chat :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Join Lumixgrapher contest on facebook!!! :D

Here is what you need to join the contest:
A lumix camera
A picture shot by lumix camera
a picture shot with a lumix camera containing someone, yourself, your partner, your family smiles.
Facebook Account
Becoming a Fan of Lumix Club in Facebook

So when is the dateline? erm.. Contest commences on 19th April 2010 and closes at midnight GMT on 18th July 2010 ("Contest Period"). Not sure what made me thought it end tonight.. misread it.. this afternoon.
Ah so I guess I still can go out and take more shots with my camera :D Gunung Emas? haha
Anyway guys if you got a facebook account and own a lumix camera you should start taking your best shot and upload. I accidently uploaded a cybershot picture.. not sure if I am going to be disqualified or not but well I don’t give a shit anymore after noticing there are 2 girls who is leading me by 20 points plus (1 of them is using a G1!!!!!)

So much lumix word being used on this post lol… by the way don’t forget to vote me after participating

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Didn’t really post much as I have been busy the past 2 weeks since I got back from the Philippines and yes.. not really a good two weeks for me. So will post some stuff when I am free..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st April 2010

It is April fool again and yes this is .. er.. third year being together? or 2? eh.. ah alamak ah yes our third year together. Should have mention last night but well Happy Anniversary dawing xD

We are going Makati City today together with Archie and yes finally on a vacation after all this years working. I Don’t remember ever going for a vacation trip yet, one day trip yes but not 4 days!!!! never took a off this long… wait I just took 2 days off… not really long as tomorrow is a public holiday and then saturday is just half day. So didn’t really feel like I took any off at all lol..

Anyway this is about it, I will try post some picture once I am back. As I am not going to bring my laptop there and I don’t think I could online there too.




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