Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best burger in Kota Kinabalu

Finally manage to try the big burger I been hearing since last year in Tanjung Aru Plaza stall area. There are 2 burger shop, don’t go for the bigest burger signboard, as that is just the normal burger(not that I am trying to promote the other one, but the reason I am posting this is for the big burger and not the small burger). Anyway the stall name is… erm.. ok just have a look at the picture..




DSC_0152 DSC_0150

The price range is from RM5 to RM17, so like that can you order with this amount? I took the one which cost us RM16 and see for yourself how is it cook and at what size lol. I got worried when I saw 3 plates being prepare there at first  and asked the guys there is that for 1 plate or 3 plate?? Because we only ordered 1 burger and thought of sharing it with 3 of us together and we were the first to order..


I would like to advise you to bring a wet tissue along when you go to this stall, make sure to take out a bit before you start eating. Because it is going to be a really messy when you start eating it haha



DSC_0139 DSC_0146 DSC_0147

It was really a messy dinner for us, but the burger was just really good and not that I didn’t want to order another one.. but can I finish it?

Griselda had the last bite, the burger was splinted into 6 slice and 2 of each for me, Griselda, & Aubrey


I would try to go for the rm10 or was it rm9 burger if you are alone and feel like eating a big burger. I would not dare try to eat the RM16 all by myself, why am I saying the price and not the burger name? I forgot the name, see it on the menu I took above if you want to know what is the RM16 called lol

How to get there? well here is a picture of Google Earth:



Coordination are:
  5°57'8.86"N 116° 3'14.49"E

Just copy and paste that into your google earth search and you see where is it located Smile

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AngeL BeaR said...

the first time had this big burger is when I'm in Membakut. =)

Adriel D.K said...

wa and it took me months just to finally go try it out :\