Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Finally all the efford on rejecting this silly idea of out state and federal government to build a coel powered plant have been fruitful!! Well I guess the government notice the General Election is coming soon, so doing something that will piss us off will not help them in it. Then again the government will say Malaysia Boleh and just build the plant up. Should we believe them? or Get c4’ed maybe? heh

“I am pleased to announce that Federal and State Governments has agreed to pursue other alternative sources of energy namely gas to meet Sabah's power supply needs.

On behalf of the State Government and the people of Sabah, I wish to accord my heartfelt thanks to YAB PM for not only being attentive to our power supply needs but also for his grave concern over our environment.

The Prime Minister understands that while we need to build up our power supply in Sabah, it can't be done at the expense of the people's welfare and the environment.

The PM understands that one of Sabah's greatest assets is its natural attractions and still somewhat pristine environment. While Sabah needs to increase power supply to meet increasing development, the state cannot afford to put its natural environment at risk.

As a responsible government, it is paramount that we put priority on protecting our environment for the wellbeing of the people. We must also protect the environment especially since its one of biggest tourism draw in the Sabah.

The growth of nature adventure ecotourism depends on how well we keep our natural environment intact and not expose it to unnecessary risks.

I know there has been certain objections to the proposed coal powered plant. Today is proof that such objections have not fallen on deaf ears.

The BN government under the able leadership of YAB PM is a government that listens to people and has the political will to take the higher road and not bring coal to Sabah. Our approach towards development will be balanced and sustainable.

The BN government is also mindful that Sabah energy needs must be met to ensure equitable development throughout the state including the east coast where there is a shortage of power.”


Malay Version - KEPUTUSAN KERAJAAN UNTUK TIDAK MEMBINA Loji Janakuasa Arang Batu di Sabah - Push for coal-fired plant puzzles Sabah DAP - Revised DEIA report would be resubmitted for review and approval

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