Saturday, February 19, 2011 Cruisers Team (Part 2)

Sorry for not posting all this at 1 post, but I did the first post in my grandmother house. The line was not so fast and plus the video I took was like 700mb plus???? 4 minutes plus where I had to resize it, lower the quality both video and sound. The it end up becoming 30mb, good enough to watch but if you want a better quality just ask me to burn you a cd if you ever meet me lol

Anyway here are the other 2 video I took while with the cruiser team which consist Cheryl, Anne, Maxine, & Shezye.

Maxine was explaining the game we be playing and yes this is where I won my free ticket!!!!


My copy of breeze magazine, few car sticket and a complimentary pass from GSC 1 Borneo!!!! Open-mouthed smile


Then again the game did not end there, there was another game and yes we had to guess what song they sang there. But this is not 1 game I can play as I am really bad at remembering song name or who ever sing the song. Yes I am very bad at remembering those artist and I don’t know why, a few band yes like Korn but other then that… er.. Maybe just korn I think… yes KoRn.. lol

The girls were discussing what song to sing first and I could not hear what they said Sad smile



I have uploaded all the pictures into my facebook profile, you guy can view it there and do tag yourself there haha

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