Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dinner at Salut restaurant

Went out for dinner with my sister, brother in-law, Zaid & Griselda. We had few stuff and while waiting I just took few shots of picture at the dark pitch view of the river. Where the result was just cool haha anyway the first picture below is edited just to make it look nicer from the original as for the other 3.. I only placed address for this blog.


Taken using Nikon D90 with VR18-55 F/


38mm, 30s - F/5 (Highlighted and so on from the Original)


18MM - ISO 320, 30S - F/5, OEV - Auto, 0, 0


18mm - ISO 320, 30s - F/3.5, OEV - Auto, 0,0


18MM ISO 320, 20s F/3.5, OEV - Auto, 0, 0


The pictures were taken between 9.30pm – 10pm, I took some more after having my food. Don’t think I want to upload the original as the file is just too big plus who would want it? lol


What is Salut?

Google Salut Restaurant.

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