Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why U.S and Malaysia are so difference still

In U.S

"The US government today took a bold step toward perhaps finally getting some offshore wind energy development going with $50 million in investment money and the promise of renewed effort to develop the energy source. The plan focuses on overcoming three key challenges (PDF) that have made offshore wind energy practically non-existent in the US: the relatively high cost of offshore wind energy; technical challenges surrounding installation, operations, and grid interconnection; and the lack of site data and experience with project permitting processes." Read more on Slashdot.org

In Malaysia

“KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Musa Aman’s dogged determination in wanting to proceed with the coal-fired power plant in Sabah is puzzling environmentalists and the opposition DAP.” Read more on freemalaysiatoday.com


Malaysia is using a old & dirty technology which will allow some of their minority people have more commission among their cronies and less environment friendly. I didn't see this on the local newspaper, I guess the government is starting to control the news again? So should the independence army start acting? wait.. I think all of them are in ISA.. or died with out ever telling the public they existed.. maybe there never was such army or ever be.

Then again, will Sabah ever be free from this bunch of racist & hypocrite government. I hate it but what can we minority Sabahan do now days after our ex pm injected Sabah with a lot outsider and making their race bigger to have more voters? Nothing.



freemalaysiatoday.com - Push for coal-fired plant puzzles Sabah DAP 

Thestar.com.my - Revised DEIA report would be resubmitted for review and approval

How to migrate our of Malaysia

it ain't green, it's BLACK!


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