Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ringo Shiina Apple Song–Shared by Johann Adam K. from FB lol


Got bored and just listened to one of the song Adam shared from his Facebook, I guess it suit the Sunday moon for me.


adkz was here lol



Ringo Shiina (椎名 林檎, Shiina Ringo?),[2] born Yumiko Shiina (椎名 裕美子, Shiina Yumiko?), is a Japanese singer-songwriter born on November 25, 1978. She works as a solo musician and singer and is a member of the band Tokyo Jihen.

She describes herself as "Shinjuku-kei Jisaku-Jien-ya (新宿系自作自演屋, a Shinjuku-style writer-performer?)".

She was ranked number 36 in a list of Japan's top 100 musicians compiled by HMV in 2003.[3]

Yumiko was born in Urawa (now part of Saitama), Saitama Prefecture, to Kōtarō Shiina, an oil company executive, and Akiko, a homemaker. She was born with an esophageal atresia in which the esophagus narrows as it approaches the stomach. Treatment of this involved several operations, at least one of which required her right shoulder blade to be cut open. These surgeries left Shiina with large scars on her shoulder blades, said to give the impression that an angel's wings had been removed.[4]

Her first exposure to music came from her father's interest in jazz and classical music; her mother had majored in dance in college and practiced ballet. Her parents owned a large collection of music, a piano, and a guitar, and her father was a devoted reader of music magazines. Shiina started piano lessons at four and studied classical ballet the following year.

While very outgoing as a young child, Shiina became shy and quiet after she and her older brother, Junpei, moved to Shimizu (now Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka), Shizuoka Prefecture due to their father's job. Her parents remember her as a mostly trouble-free child and a good student, except that she could not stand being alone and would throw tantrums if she could not have a friend to play with.

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