Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good looking girls in Gaya Street Night Market 2011

I got bored and started snapping a lot of shots last Sunday which was the last day of Gaya Street night market. Notice there was just a lot of good looking girls around and I wanted to try be like a paparazi so here are the best looking pictures of girls I took



Most of them are good looking but the best girls that took a shot was at this stall:


DSC_0065 DSC_0066
Front view of the stall, it is always pack with people!!!! had a hard time trying to take a shoot without using flash Disappointed smile


Did not manage to take a picture of her face but she was pretty and among the 4 girls there, there was 4 at that stall. The 4th one was always being blocked by the customer which is why I never manage to take a photo of her.



It was fun looking around, I did not go to the market last night which was from segama till sinsuran. Because there was no parking was 1 and another I was just too tired. The motor for my radiator fan died, I had to walk around town yesterday because the car will overheat. Best part of all.. most of the road were close because of the market. So nice timing to have a over heating problem, well it is fixed on the same day with my friend help. We opened the fan in asia city parking lot, where it was just at the back of the seafood area lol..

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