Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fish spa at Kg. Luanti Baru– off Ranau

Went to Ranau yesterday (Saturday) to go the fish spa near Sabah Tea. It was located just 10 or 20 meter after Sabah Tea Entrance.. wait.. maybe more.. I am not sure but yes it was just after Sabah Tea Entrance:


Google Earth Coordination:

N5 56.808 E116 46.187

See it is just after Sabah tea entrance but not sure how many meter… ok nvm. I heard of this place like since last year and never did try out fish spa as in my mind.. is it really clean? or Safe? After google’ing up a few sites and yes seems to be safe but not for the fish. You need to throw the fish away (or kill it and not eat it), as it cannot be eaten anymore.

Click here for google result on “Is fish spa safe?”

It is like using the same needle on another person after the doctor use it on you. Would you want to continue on using the needle? But as for the fish, yes it is safe to go try it out just for fun. Where I did that and yes it was fun haha plus I could not stop laughing because it was like someone tickling my feet.. Anyway check out the pictures of the area I took


After parking your car, you will see the entrance to the fish spa area and few small stalls selling some local hand made stuff.


Some of the rules you need to know, and yes only 15 minutes spa..


Just after you bought the ticket from the main entrance into Kg. Luanti there (Forgot to mention that) you need to register yourself in this boot. They will announce your ticket number then it is your turn to go down too into the river.

DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0019


No faces.. just to be fair with everyone else. Sorry I forgot to take picture of Griselda, Ben & Irene.. Because I just took picture of the fish lol But we had fun getting sucked by the fish, they have no teeth but it might still hurt a lot after a while haha If you have a small stool and plan to go there.. Bring it because it might hurt after a while standing there.

Here is a video of how it looks like:

None of us was in the video because I only thought of recording after we finish..


DSC_0037I took a picture of Griselda hehe


We did do Sabah tea after that but just to check out the place, I didn’t really feel like taking any pictures there. But on the way home, we did take some pictures together.. only wish I brought my tripod.


Thanks ben hehe..

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I.A. 1989 said...

Bro! Im from selangor. Now in sabah. Drove to ranau, was looking for this fish spa but didnt found it. Without knowing it, i took u-turn at the sabah tea. Silly right!! But lucky me, it rains super heavy minutes after that. Anyway. I have one more day thus i can make another round to the fish spa. Thanks for writing this. Gps sucks.

Adriel D.K said...

Haha well it has a small signboard only and yes pretty much hard to spot. I kind of forgot to take a shot from the mainroad, hope you manage to find it haha