Saturday, February 19, 2011 Cruisers Team

Me and Griselda finally manage to catch up with the cruisers team in Gaya Street and yes we had fun together. Manage to get stickers, 100 plus drink, and free movie ticket from GSC!!!! But we only won 1.. never mind that at lease we finally met them at 2.45pm in front of Sabah Tourism Board building.


The had some games for us to play to get free tickets, which we won 1 ticket only. But it was fun haha

Griselda posing with Shezye Top left, Anne & Shezye middle, Me acting as a angry drive for 1 of the game they had on the top left.
Bottom left one of the winner to watch the.. Nicholas Cage new movie (I forgot the name again) , Bottom Middle the winner guy and me, bottom right the cruiser team




I still got a bunch of pictures to upload and videos but for now I am just posting this, will post another video by tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. Plus will include all the pictures from my Facebook account, don’t forget to tag yourself there hehe


The Cruisers team :D

Links: – Kota Kinabalu Cruiser team

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