Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trip to Poring Hot Spring

Well I do hope most of you notice this is a personal blog of mine and yes I will post about trips I go from time to time.

Most of you guys might have been to poring hot spring, maybe this year, last year, 2 years ago & so on. But the last time I went there was like during primary 2 or 1. So that is like 17-18 years ago, yes it has been some time since I went there and never did get a chance to dip into the hot spring.

We left from Kota Kinabalu around 9am where the journey would take around 2 to 3 hour drive to reach the destination. I did took a lot of pictures and just have a look for yourself:

We reached Kundasang area around 10.59am, well had to stop as I had to buy some cigarette for myself and the girls needed to use the toilet of cause us guys too.

Me & Griselda taking a picture at.. erm.. Perkasa hotel? Don’t know if it is still the same


Jacklyn & Griselda Staircase?


Griselda posing with the (not sure what name) Hotel at the back


So we continue on our journey and yes it did not took long before reaching our destination. Another 1 hour.. lol I had to overtake a lot of cars, lorry, busses, and so on. Where we finally reached & yes I took more photos and some how this stone Poring Manage made some how did not make sense. But we took a picture with it:


So if you go to Poring Hot Spring area, you are not allowed to take anything at all but pictures. Meaning to say you cannot leave after eating anything bought from there unless you shit them all out first. As for the second simple rule, you cannot leave anything but footprints. So this one made the whole paragraph some how looked like a puzzle. You are not allowed to take anything from the hot spring & also you cannot leave anything in the area but your footprint. Where you are not allowed to leave you shit, urine or what ever there?

I think maybe the person who made that rule or paragraph was high on drugs.


I guess it did not really change much, I mean there are additional stuff like a swimming pool, private hot tub, and so on in Poring now. This was the original area that did not change since last time and I remember it looked the same just like the last time I been there.

P1000750 This signboard is called “Kolam Manu” I don’t know why but it looked more like a rule to me. Not allowed to use soap/shampoo in the bath tup. Does this look like a manu to you? lol


At the end of the trip I still enjoyed it very much, I be uploading most of the pictures to my facebook account so those who wants to check it out. Do not hesitate to find me in facebook... he he he :)

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