Monday, May 25, 2009

What is with NST and their sex report?

I have started to notice NST online news have been writing a lot about the sex industry in Malaysia. Which cover from love sex, rape, and even peeping tom?? LOL I bet the editor must have notice they don’t have anything better to write. Just look at the most read stories in their website:

The first 4 topic is all about sex! haha so yes Malaysia seems to have a thing for this sex industry now days. I wondering if our country is going to be like Thailand? Where people claim to go there watch temple, but for real between a pretty girls and temple? heh.. even a old man would get erection looking at the shemale there.


But one of the article did catch my eyes and yes it was something worth to read. The first topic from the 5 listed above. A few secondary student went to NST and actually called those busybody Peeping Tom. Those busybody says student are having wild sex at the beach few days ago so what did all this smart and brave student reply?

That person and others have been recording the activities in the area for months but only exposed them now," said the furious college student

Ina, who came to the NST office with two female friends, claimed that the culprits had also recorded the private all-girl activities in the area.Read more


Well on another case here in Kota Kinabalu, my friend shop got robbed again in Asia City. He lost 2 mobile phone which was not for sell. Where here are the two culprits:

CAM2_2009-05-25 09-15-48_63906 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-20-41_86875 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-26-57_35328 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-27-08_90921 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-27-13_34984 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-27-14_38921


This was not the first time my friend shop got robbed, there was a time where this old man cheated my friend 200 ringgit worth reload coupon. Switching with fake one after holding the original, if you guys understand what I mean. But well not like you can do much about it unless you hire a security with a shotgun lol

4 Spam or critics..:

renaye said...

i only read nst on weekends so i really don't know what is the ratio of sex news in the papers... but i thought it was good to have this kind of news in the paper to show to the public how many or even much of rape cases going on everyday ... and this news most probably r for the police to read...

wow. is ur friend taking any precaution actions to prevent theft in near future?

Adriel D.K said...

Well not that I am against them reporting on sex offend. I would say the woman now days a getting braver and smart for reporting them. Where NST seems to be doing a good job reporting them. But what I find strange was all 5 most read today are about sex lol

Well my friend can't really do much, I helped installed the cctv and I guess it did not help much too. Kind of hard to prevent crime now days even with all this technology around, if the security and police are doing their job properly. This kind of incident can be solve easily by capturing them or maybe having some quick action recovering the stolen goods.

renaye said...

right. our security is quite lembab.

i actually asked myself whether would i be brave enough to point my rapist should i be raped one day. would i be brave enough to tell the whole world that i was raped. i actually felt my mind is something beyond my comprehension. but i decided to report if i ever became a victim.

Adriel D.K said...

Well lets hope it never happen :)