Monday, May 18, 2009

Nude Pictures from the Expedition Robinson (Survivor)

Well I did not manage to watch the show and yes I did read the news about it. Where there was a naked race for the contestants. The producers of reality television show Expedition Robinson (Survivor) had to apologized toward all Malaysians for the scene depicting a naked race on an island around Mersing, Johor on May 3.

For me I find that sill WTF for they have to apologize to every Malaysia as the only one complain all about it is the minor government people. They ban everything they can’t understand, or maybe because their wife caught them watching it and fucked them around. Where thus that is why a lot of good quality movie is either being censored or banned from Malaysia.

But never fear with internet around you can check out all the pictures taken during the race and here is just one of them:


Well sorry but I have to censored them up or my blog be close down. But don’t worry you can have all the rest of the pictures from Mr. Gutter site:


You can also read the whole story from Malaysia local News which does not include pictures:


Happy Surfing :)

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leechon said...

wat....they run like this??omg

wayangtimes said...

lol these people r crazy! imagine the girls' boobs slap their face hah.

Adriel D.K said...

haha yes too bad none of them are really good looking :(

Anonymous said...

No comment ... :lol

wayangtimes have right :lol

Pokermaniac Regards

Adriel D.K said...

O... isee