Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some updates from Wayang Times

"The reason is because there's someone who is using an automated software to literally steal 100% of some bloggers blog posts, including Wayang Times, and masquarading as his own on his website. That person didn't simply just copy and paste. That person's software automatically uses our RSS sitefeed to copy everything from the post title, to the post content, and hotlinking to all our hosted pictures. And to stop this person from doing that effectively, I have to tweak my RSS feed."

"Sorry to Wayang Times' RSS Subscribers ~ Wayang Times | Sexy, Funny & Interesting | Daily Pics & Videos | Asian"

Well I kind of notice most of the rss updates seems to be a little slow. If what WT says in her blog is true and well going to follow what she does for the time being lol

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