Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greetings from Albania person

Well just moments ago I receive a pm from my yahoo widget which allows people to chat with me live if I am on my yahoo messenger. So for the first time I actually manage to chat with someone from there. This guy came from Albania, seems to be a nice place to take picture and no hanky panky stuff. So we chatted a lot of stuff.. er I think and yes in the end it was all about the girls. He was asking if I know any girls here so well I can't lie and just said yes. Since I think he means those 1 night stand girls or china dolls, or maybe some shemales? Anyway here is the chat log:

arddit cara is an anonymous visitor to your Pingbox.
Be careful not to share confidential or private information with people you do not know personally.
arddit cara: you sended mie msn you what you wont
Adriel D.K: ?
arddit cara: this wos the answer
Adriel D.K: what do you mean?
Adriel D.K: ;o
arddit cara: who are you
Adriel D.K: er
Adriel D.K: I am Adriel if I am not wrong
arddit cara: i dont now
arddit cara: you now that
Adriel D.K: ic
arddit cara: where are you from
Adriel D.K: I am from kk
arddit cara: what mean kk
Adriel D.K: kota kinabalu
arddit cara: never listen
Adriel D.K: oo ok
arddit cara: where is this place
Adriel D.K: East of Malaysia, a state called Sabah or Borneo,
Adriel D.K: most people would refer our state as borneo
arddit cara: ok
Adriel D.K: where are you from?
arddit cara: i understend
Adriel D.K: oh
arddit cara: i like the girl of malasya
Adriel D.K: oo yes they are good
arddit cara: what do you think abaot albania
Adriel D.K: Albania? erm... well never been there..
diti: you listen for albania
Adriel D.K: oo
Adriel D.K:
Adriel D.K: very nice
diti: if i came in your sity can you find me a nice girl
Adriel D.K: yes
Adriel D.K: well if u are looking for china girls, they are easy to find, if you are looking for local girls, it be a bit hard to identify them in the pub lol
diti: thanks
diti: if you wont you are wilcom in albania
Adriel D.K: well i wish I could travel, but I don't earn enough money haha
diti: i must leave you now my girlfrend is waiting for mi
Adriel D.K: ooo
Adriel D.K: ok
Adriel D.K: you have fun then k
diti: yes
Adriel D.K: nice chatting with you P
diti: me too
diti: bay
Adriel D.K: bye bye
diti: mirupafshim
Adriel D.K:
Visitor 2 has signed out. (5/28/2009 10:37 PM)

Please don't make fun of his english, as he did his best and yes I could understand everything he asked.

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