Friday, May 1, 2009

Google AdSense

I have finally receive my letter from Google and well it was the Google AdSense Personal Identification Number Pin.  It took like almost 1 month for it to arrive into my P.O.Box, well unlike email the longest time it would take is like 1 minute? lol.



I have finally roughly understand how can someone earn more then USD $500.00 . It is not really hard work but well if anyone ever do it and get, caught your account be suspended. Which I think will be a bad idea to post about the details about it then lol..

Anyway I am going Poring tomorrow, the last time I been there was like.. 15 or 16 years ago. So yeah it be an exciting trip for someone who never been there for some time or never been there at all like my Gf lol..

Map picture


oh 4 us be going, will post about it on tomorrow night or maybe Sunday :)

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wayang times said...

can teach me how to earn $500? drop me an email lah lol. anyway seems like my blog is down :( cannot access it now...

Kay Leaf said...

KETAM~!!! Don't care~!!! Some more go Poring~!!!

Adriel D.K said...

Lol can earn but hard work also a bit or can say very mafan ah. Blog down or isp problem? lol

Kay: go poring become driver lol no katam yet.

wayang times said...

teach me teach me :P email me at wayangtimes (a.t) gmail (do.t) com