Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SMS Spam?

I just receive a spam sms from this number +60145573031 and the contain was:
"Slmt pgi en jegan,sy watie dr mamoth mgment and services.. En bminat utk mgthui bisnes forex?Bisnes yg blh mjana kutgn mlalui 2 hala pasaran iaitu smsa uptrnd and dwntrnd."

Don't understand Malay? let me translate that...
"Good Morning Mr. Jegan, I am Watie from Mamoth Management and Service.. Sir are you interested to know more about Forex Business? Business that can generate profit by 2 way market which is uptrend and downtrend."

So what does this company really do? well after google'ing a bit I found this:
"Top Star Development- Mammoth Service Management Forex Consultant Agency in Sabah (licensed)
We are Consultant Agency from Top Star Development located in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, an agency that willing to help potential forex to achieved better chances of trading in the market. Our company will give the fully knowledgeable and help the Client to understand about the forex system and investing your equity on the market. Our company top priority are the client satisfactions and up-to-date news about the news." Read more..

So yes they are a consultant company who specialize on forex. But wait.... I saw another stuff which catch my interest look at this post:

Marketing Executive~(Mammoth Management Service-KK)
Closing Date : 20/Feb/09
Job Description:
~Assist the Branch Manager regarding the sales and marketing task.
~Sel-motivated,confident,good interactive skills and able to work in a team and very independently.
~Plan a sales and marketing strategies and market.
~Salary Negotiable
~No Of Vacancies :10
~Experience Required: Less Than 1 Year
~Job Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
~Min Education Level Required: Secondary School - SPM

So yes, I can bet you all the consultant there have less then 5 years experience in this field. Maybe most of them are just SPM leaver. So are you still interested to seek some consultant from them? I hope you think first before doing so.

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