Monday, May 11, 2009

Fake CIMB email

---------- Forwarded message ----------
CIMB Bank <>

Date: Fri, May 8, 2009 at 4:35 AM
Subject: Urgent: Account Problem



Dear CIMB Customer,

Our Security Systems detected a security thre=
at in your account as it was accessed from a blacklisted location. We have =
deactivated your account pending your immediate reactivation.

te Here=A0

Note that inactive a=
ccounts will be deactivated in less than 5min for security reasons. We regr=
et any inconvenience caused.


CIMB Group

If any of you ever receive such email, kindly report it to the police or report it as spam. Because my friend just lost his money after logging in with his username and password.

Here are some stuff that you should make sure about banks:
  • Bank will never use a email to send you any important notification, they will give you a call directly and ask you to come over the bank
  • Even if you receive something in black & white, it could be a scam unless they are asking you to come over the bank to settle it and not over the phone or email.
  • Please take note about the email address use and also the URL of the website being refer too, this really helps a lot.
Still not really sure if it is real or not? Contact me by email or google up for my mobile number.

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