Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Kad Mesra Card

Well for Malaysian most of us who owns a car would fill up at a petrol station. One of few patrol station is Petronas Station, they have this thing like BonusLink. Where you can accumulate point by filling up your car patrol, buy some merchandise from the station store or maybe even service at their station. I have been using this kad for some time now and yes I have few thousand point not being claim yet.

Anyway back to the main topic, apparently they changed to a new system or well something like that and every user of Kad Mesra have to change the card they been using for years. Check out the blog:

For those of you who wants to transfer their points, please tick and agree at the designated area in the application form of the new PETRONAS Mesra card. You have up to 31st May to do this, by which after that, any requests to transfer points will not be entertained. Please be aware that only points collected at PETRONAS stations will be transferred. You will see your points transfer after 90 days of form submission.Read more..

So yeah every who fill up the form in any Petronas Station will get a new card right away. Where you old card point will be transferred to the new one if you picked that option in the form you fill up. Here is my card:


I have remove some information from the card and well including my card number. Anyway I have been using this card like for 2 weeks if I am not mistaken. So I should be getting my new online account soon but so far no mail from mymesra yet.

But wait you can check you card status online now which I find it very convenient!!

mm_pmlpcheckstat_bnnrSo yes with this I am sure they have updated or even said something about my application so I just had to fill up my 17 digit card mesra number & Identification Card number too. So my status is…

Your registration is still in process. Please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 if you are not registered after 4 weeks of form submission date.”

I thought they were faking it and anyone who press the button would get the same message. So I tried changing few numbers in my I.C and Kad mesra number.

Invalid Card No or I/C No

So yes they seem to have my details in their database but what is taking the process so slow? I would love to call the Hotline now but not with my Mobile. The bill is going to be sky high later with my previous experience of calling them. Will contact them tomorrow to ask the status on my application and yes of cause I will blog about it. Will try to record it if possible.

You guys can read few of my previous post about issue I had with Kad mesra by clicking here.

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Kay Leaf said...

I don't Petronas. I use Shell Card. Unlimited Gold Shell Card provided by company. ~*hehe*~

Sam said...

I also get the card, but dun getting the email...

Adriel D.K said...

I think every Kad Mesra user should have a card now. But for them to have online access might take a while. As for some reason I think onyl 1 auntie handling all the free toll number lol.

Anonymous said...

Haiyo.. dun use Petronas la.. Use Mobil better...

Phileo WFC said...

I Wong FC Mesra Card no:70838155105588373, I use my mesra card at PLUS Hiway PSS Ulu Bernam for Car petrol on 24/4/2011, I left my mesra card at the counter forget to take back but I return to the station on 7/5/2011 but the cashier say no card let behind.
But from 15/5/2011 until 14/6/2011 I received SMS my card been utilise. The date and Station are 792 pts on 15/5/2011 at PSS Ulu Bernam, 609 pts on 24/5/2011 at PSS Tapah Arah Utara, 1218 pts on 24/5/2011 at PSS Bdr Behrang, 2123 pts on 25/5/2011 at PSS Bdr Behrang, 7 pts on 8/6/2011 PSS Ulu Bernam, 373 pts on 14/6/2011 at PSS Rawang Industrial Park.
I have been sincerly using Petronas petrol for so many year and accumalate my points and reluctant to use it until for bigger offer but now all gone. I wonder Card Mesra what kind of action will take again unloyalty staffs using customer Mesra Card point.

Adriel D.K said...

Phileo WFC, sorry to hear that. I used all my points to fill up the petrol because of that too. If i accidentally lost the card and someone else use the point to fill up their car.. I can't do anything about it.

I am using Bonuslink only now, which means I only use shell. They can't claim my points easily with bonuslink, you got to fill up a form and ur i.c too before doing any claim.

But for Mesra Kad.. look at my last post on it on the link below:

Stealing the card point has never been easy as this.

Phileo WFC said...

Hello Mesra Card, I m Phileo WFC here , R u going to reply to me.

Anyway Adriel DK, I think u r right, I have to apply Bonus Link cos Shell can be use.Tks.