Friday, May 22, 2009

When you just don’t know when to stop drinking…

As usual I would drive up too Kepayan and pick up Griselda where we then head straight to work. So as usually I would take the road towards Lido from Kepayan highway. But today I saw something interesting while stopping at the traffic light… Have a look:


By now you guys should notice that highlighted car seems to be a bit off the road lol… Well he might thought it was Saturday and drink all night long… Here is a close up view and well edited hahaha:


So if you are working, try to remember always not to drink a lot then drive. As for drink and drive.. er.. only the government & housewife do that. Best thing is to bring along someone who don’t drink and can drive :)

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Kay Leaf said...

LOL... you post the picture of the car~!!!