Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nell McAndrew Flashing her new Pantyhose

Well Nell McAndrew have been doing some free advertisement again to gain some attention. Myabe because she felt the lack of attention after Rihanna & Cassie latest leak picture. So thus she went out wearing like this for some attention:


Well you can check out all the other pictures at:


She initially started her modelling career as a catalogue and magazine model and also a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like. For a modelling assignment in Germany she was required to shave her head. Back in the UK she was featured as a Page Three girl in the Daily Star and with her bald head was hailed as the 21st century babe. She shot to fame as the official Lara Croft model for the video game Tomb Raider between 1998 and 1999.[2][3] McAndrew was immediately fired from her stint as Croft in 1999 after posing nude for the cover of Playboy, the first British woman to do so. This was partly due to the fact Playboy printed references to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider on the cover, which were quickly removed when Eidos, the maker of the game, threatened with a lawsuit.[4]

She has since gone on to enjoy a massively successful career as a glamour model, appearing in FHM, Maxim, and Loaded many times. She has also appeared in fitness magazines, including Shape and Personal Trainer. McAndrew has also released many very popular calendars.

McAndrew, affectionately referred to as a Forces Sweetheart, has visited the UK Armed Forces at bases all over the world.[5]

McAndrew has also had a successful television career, as a presenter on Racing Rivals, Born to Fight, It's a Knockout and The Big Breakfast; she has also been a contestant on the reality TV show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Celebrities under Pressure, Family Fortunes and Dancing On Ice.[6][7][8]

McAndrew released her first fitness video “Peak Energy” in 2002 which became the number one best seller. It was followed up by “Maximum Impact” in December 2003 and “Ultimate Challenge, Ultimate Results” in December 2004.

McAndrew has supported charities including Breast Cancer Awareness, Help The Aged, the British Heart Foundation, DebRA, Cancer Research UK, The Lymphoma Association and SSAFA

In 2003 she was voted the Yorkshire Woman of the Year and in 2005 she won Rear of the Year.[9]

She has been a part of a number of PR campaigns for Yorkshire Water, including a digital version of herself in their Sewer Raider item on the company website.

She is currently fronting the advertising campaign for Activia yoghurt and for 2009 has had her hair cut very short returning to the look at the start of her modelling career.

In January 2009, Nell helped Benenden Healthcare Society, a mutual not-for-profit healthcare organisation launch their 'Fresh Start, Get on Track campaign' including nationwide radio interviews and online webchats. [10]

Running in the 2005 London Marathon, as a charity runner, McAndrew completed the event in a time that allowed her to start with the elite athletes in future events.[11] And in the 2007 Marathon, she completed the course in a slightly more sedate pace with her mother (after having recently given birth).

For the 2008 Great North Run, she competed with the Fun Runners dressed as Wonder Woman to help raise funds for charities she supports.

2009 Flora London Marathon: The First Celebrity to finish, with a time of 3:10.20.


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