Saturday, March 21, 2009

UMS peeping tom?

"Four young women have lodged a police report that their male housemate had secretly filmed them while they were bathing" Read more..

I find it strange to see there are still cases of girls being film with out noticing their serounding. It is hard to detect those latest spycam now days, but there are ways still to notice it. You could always double check your serounding and even maybe open the light cover to see for any hidden cam. Then again here are some links that might give some tips.


Tools you can buy

How small can a spycam be?

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Jc said...

Well, maybe they trusted thier housemate, and lower thier awareness.
But, usually people wouldn't double check thier toilet each time they use it? ;)

Adriel D.K said...

I would, and well I usually make a joke to my friends telling them to be aware of the toilet for any red light lol

Kimizo said...

Semua tempat pun tak selamat