Saturday, March 28, 2009

Someone from Malaysia

The site is still up running and now down. So yes it some how became a Malaysian political scandalous blog. You can read all about 1 of the high ranking political Family, true or not I do not know....

I don't know which idiot has power to shut the blog down, but then again it is just useless. How the fuck does this person think paying off google to shut this blog down will be something permanently done? Idiots. Even the Great Firewall of China could not do block 100% of its citizen from posting anything on the World Wide Web. Most of us are using http tunneling to download torrent at a faster speed. Not to mention you could also use it to access website which is blocked by a ISP. So yes basically anything you try to do is useless :)

Anyway I don't think I be posting much till tomorrow. As I'm still working till tomorrow.. so yes life sucks :(

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