Monday, March 23, 2009

Tiring monday

Well I did not manage to get enough sleep last night as I had to attend a urgent request to check one of my friends friend laptop. The laptop had more then 3 kind of virus and yes there were important document she needed to submit today. I spend more then 3 hours studying it and finally gave up. I have to take a few sample of the infected files by today and submit it to AVG with hope they give me a patch to fix all the permission setting for every file that is infected.

Why I say it is the permission setting? well I notice when I right click any file in the folder which is locked, I notice I cannot un-tick certain option. Where XP has this possible which is possible to set for every file which owner could only open it, delete it and so on.  So yes it was not really an easy work, where I could not complete it with out studying the virus first. But it was really interesting problem where I was still keen on fixing it haha anyway will be getting the external hard disk which has the virus in it by tonight. So I hope it be a fun week for me xD

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