Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updates of GutterUncensored

Well I guess most of you who end up to my blog while searching for GutterUncensored I assume you guys don't really read what he post. So here are some stuff Mr. Gutter is willing to do:

"if you want me to plug your website or whatever just send me a message with the link on Facebook and I will post it if I am cool with it since I am not really blogging like the way I did before all the problems. Don't worry, its free. Hey, the blog is still getting like 200,000 visitors per day so I want use that to give something to the people who added it to their friends list. If they do manage to deleted the blog permanently(LOL) I will use Facebook and Myspace to tell you guys when the blog is back and being updated like it once was." Read more..

So for those who wants to generate more visitor, just pm Mr. Gutter with your blog url and maybe he just might post it :)

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