Thursday, March 26, 2009

GutterUncensored Focusing on Nazri Aziz.

Well finally after working so hard copying all the backup to a new blog every time Mr. Gutter blog get deleted. Finally he has chosen to make his site dedicated just for Nazri Aziz. With this help I am sure it is helping Nazri Aziz with alot of free advertisement, more exposed towards the world wide wed, people from every part of the world now gets to see his face and his son face too along with girlfriend’s faces.

Some aditional informasion on Nazri Aziz

The Blog is called “Pussy and Wine Blog” I don’t know why maybe it is just 1 of his old blog stock. Then again I remember his last post was saying his new blog might only be up around May (It was on GutterUncensored before the site changed into Nazri Aziz dedicated site). So fan’s of GutterUncensored if you found my blog while searching up information on him. You just wait till the site is up and back to normal, if you got any suggestion do not hesitate to contact him in FaceBook

Ways to contact Mr. Gutter.



If anyone got some hot stuff do email him, anyway there is a new site who claims to be the new Gutter but then again I don’t know have look for yourself and see if any of you guys can notice the difference :)

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!!!!!!!!!!Latest update (26/03/09 12:18PM +8GMT):
Well the site is back to normal with all the archive too :D

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