Friday, March 13, 2009

Google helping Malaysia after being paid?

Well for most of you who do not know this website GutterUncensored. It is a place where you can find all the scandal, gossip & stuff man likes (some girls too). Anyway back to the main point, why is Google willing to help the Malaysia government blocking Mr. Gutter site? How much of our tax money is being used just to get it done?? Here is what Mr. Gutter has to say about it:

"I am an American citizen being CENSORED by the Malaysian Government with the Help of Google!

my fears have now been confirmed. Google is a puppet of politicians in
Malaysia, its a great shame for the founders of the company. The self
proclaimed champions of free speech that founded Google are just
members of the fascist party. Google is in the pocket of the corrupt
fascist Malaysian government. Through Google, Malaysian politicians can
actually shut up an American citizen. Through Google, Malaysian
politicians can do things to Americans that not even the American
government can do. Three times controversial pictures relating to
public officials in Malaysia were posted, within a matter of hours the
blog was blocked by Blogger which is a division of Google.
" Read more..

I hope the public do notice currently the government might be using our tax money to do some cover up. Just because someone son's private picture is being expose. Then again I guess this time it took a bit longer for the site to be up back.

But anyway if any of you guys got a good suggestion or his site is down again for some reason you can alternatively contact him at:
Email :

I don't think Malaysia government is able to close it down, so chances of it being close down now is still very low. :)

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Anonymous said...

the pictures are everywhere, some even posted at january. check this:

Adriel D.K said...

Yes, kind of lame for the government to try and close it down. I hope they do realize what ever they are doing is just wasting our tax money and attracting more attention to the public :)