Saturday, March 21, 2009

Slow connection

My streamyx connection the past few days is really making me frustrated. I got to download tons of stuff being requested and not to mention each time I format a pc there is like 100 over stuff to download from the windows update. I do really wish there is another ISP out there or someone who really want to help the country and not making tons of money after monopolizing the market here in Malaysia.

Then speaking of frustration, my job now is not really helping out too. Well it is my first sales job so I can’t really say much but then even my new branch Manager is having a hard time. So yes people in Sabah have been cheated so much time that they do not believe anything much other then the bank. Then again do they really understand how the bank works? Just because the bank in Malaysia has a license from Bank Negara, people think it is safe to invest. Most of the people I called up said we must have a license from bank negara.:

"Any elements of deposit-taking activities and public offerings such as ‘interest schemes' or investment in real estates schemes (better known as ‘real estate investment trusts' - REITs) should be referred to the appropriate authorities such as Bank Negara Malaysia, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia and Suruhanjaya Sekuriti. Members of the public are also advised to use lawful remittance channels when making payment or sending money overseas. A list of legitimate remittance channels can be referred at the Bank Negara Malaysia's website ( ) for either licensed banks or licensed non-bank remittance operators." Read more…

So what make us difference? Well first of all we did try to apply for a license from Bank Negara, but they mention we do not fall under the collective skim. To cut it short it means deposit taking from the public and using the deposit to buy the product. Where we already own the product, it belongs to us and we are selling it direct to them and not using the public money to buy the product. Well 1 would still need to do some research so here are some links that might help on the way :)

Google Search:

Some Video advertisement of people who bought from Profitable Group from ESPN

So for those who are being a smart ass should try to study first before saying no.

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