Monday, April 20, 2009

Admitting people you do Masturbate sometimes

Well like most of us, we would never admit such personal information. Unless you are a couple, married, or maybe into some orgy relationship. Then again unlike 1 of the Jonas Brothers, lead guitarist Nick Jonas made a announcement saying;

""I've been masturbating since I was 12. I see nothing wrong with it", Jonas explained." Read more

Not like there is anything wrong other then getting more attention from the media. Unless us the normal people, if a celebrity gave out such information it be a hot news. In other words, there be more free advertisement for them. It does help boost up the image and so on but it don't always turn out good.

For Nick Jonas case, I would say he really must have a thick face giving out personal information lol. If I was paid like 500k I would consider telling the world I am masturbating. Then again it would cover the expenses I need to go hiding for a while till people don't remember me. But on second thought... maybe I would still not do it.

Then again I still think they are like some gay brothers. Maybe it is because of the name, Jones Brothers. Sounds gay to me, but one of the Jones brothers did say “I get hard sometimes”. Joe said it but then again he did not have the gay look like Nick does. Try imagine nick saying that:


Fits in well lol :)

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