Monday, April 13, 2009

My New temporary Identity Card

I went to JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) today (Yesterday actually because it has past 12am). Thought of changing my I.C (Identity Card) at the same time but after looking at the form I got to fill up I just change my mind. So my main purpose to go JPN still is get a replacement for my MyKad. As many of you guys notice, the MyKad I am holding is just the same like many Malaysian. It has the same similar problem, not to mention the same damage too. I have met a lot of Malaysian who experience the same thing like what I have posted in my blog here (Click here to read about it).

So back to the main topic, about my new temporary I.D. It is much bigger, more flexibility, much thinner, and yes it is printed out of a laser printer. Here is a picture of it:

I did something that I never done before on all my I.C, driving license and student card. I smiled :D

As you can see it is just temporary, but I actually need to bring this around in my wallet? I mean just look at my old MyKad that has been place in my wallet:

Well then again it is just for 1 month. But there are case where people sometimes only get after like 6 months. That is a very long time and if you needed to open a bank account. The fucking bank would not allow you to do so with the temporary Identity Card. Yes I have experience it with RHB bank while trying to activate back my account, that was the reason why I changed my card last year.

So back to the main point, if your MyKad has a problem reading the chip, or there are crack just like most Malaysian buildings. It is time for you to change it, it just cost RM10. But if you insist on not paying it and would like to find a alternatively way. Go make a police report saying you were rob, along with your Identity Card taken. Just say you left your driving license, atm cards and so on back at home. After finishing the police report, go to JPN then tell them that you were rob and need a new MyKad. It be free from what I heard with few of my friends. Might be true but if anyone did it or experience being rob before please leave a comment about it because I never tried that yet.

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