Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Public Bank ATM & Visa Debit Card VS MyKad

I finally had the chance to settle my new debit card issued last month Visa Electron from Public Bank. I do like the new color and theme from Public Bank here are some of the pictures I took:

I have remove some personal details so please don't mind the bad picture editing :)

Visa Electron

Public Bank ATM Card

The card quality are good, not to mention my old atm card lasted me 8 years. Not a single change during those 8 years, never had too even now. The only reason I changed is because I thought it be replace with the red color atm card like other people have.

But still, those atm card could not beat our MyKad created by Government. They spend millions of tax money into inventing the MyKad. Not to mention they finally made use of our Tax and made something like the world's first smart identity card. So like wow I actually own 1 of those MyKad I mean like EVERY MALAYSIAN DOES!. For those non Malaysian, well can't blame you for not having a smart government like ours. I mean this MyKad is really good, just look how does it looks like after less then 1 year having it:

Can you see the edge of the MyKad & the Chip?

Close up shot of the Chip it also store bacteria.

No other card in the world has this bending ability

It even has a big crack just like our buildings in Malaysia

So tell me which country in the world has such 1st class Identity Card like Malaysian does?

Or by the way, I had to replace the old MyKad last year because RHB bank could not read the chip on it. That was around end of April 2008 so I guess it is 11 months and 8 days old. I think.

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