Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blogger Life VS Real Life

How many of you people ever thought of becoming a full time blogger? Everybody? some some? For me I have thought about this and always wondered about it too. So what are the first few things I should look for?
For me it is more to the payout. What are the first few things to highlight or that is common?

How much can I make?
How fast is the payment?
How convenient is it to take the money?
Will I be taxed?

Blogger Life
So lets be frank here; “How much do I really make from those advertisement serving program that pays you?”
Like me I have registered a few blogs & website, where I can generate about USD$0.30 – USD$1.12 roughly per day from AdSense. Where from Nuffnang I too make the same amount maybe slightly more. Initially at the end of the month I don’t think it be enough to even pay my TMNUT’S bill. But all this would increase depending on how much traffic does your blog or website receive and it increase as more people visit your blog or site.

Real Life
So in reality where I would mean “How much can I earn going out of my house and work under a chinaman boss?”
I have more then 5 years experience in the I.T field, I can easily Identify what is wrong with any I.T related problem and able to overcome it. Not all as there is still area which does not cover my knowledge as in Programming. Then again I always give the best to my employer where I be easily exploited and earning a static amount of payout at the end of the month. While the employer earns 3 or 4 times from what I earn maybe even enough to buy a brand new Ninja King.

How much would a Chinaman boss pay if he finds someone like me? I can say the roughly estimate pay I get while working for a company is MYR60.00 - MYR85.00 per day. I do know the figure but don't want to tell the world how much do I really earn right, so I divided it into 30 days.

But back to the main point, I can afford to pay my bill's loan and a bit of entertainment (Drinking alcohol). Where the insecure financial feeling is being reduce to a minimum state and usually would make anyone happy.

So lets compare between the two Job

Blogger Life

Real Life

Just write articles on your interest

Work with the company policy and job description

Allow people to criticize you and talk back. Allow client to criticize you and your boss, but can’t talk back. Also have to say “you are right” to the client.
Can wake up late on Monday Must wake up on Monday morning and get stuck at the traffic jam on the way to work.
Does not have a Boss? Get to see your Boss face Everyday.
Have a chance to earn a lot. The salary is usually static every year.
Might get some payment problem. Nobody can help. Can meet the boss directly for slow salary payout..
You had a accident and have no socso or insurance The employer must pay socso and there is insurance covered provided by the company depending on your agreement letter.
Get arrested by ISA for accidently posting something the Government don’t like. Nobody can help. The boss always be there to settle anything if you get arrested all a sudden while on the job.
The site may close down and you are too old & fat to find a real life job. You have good contact establish while being employed and maybe even being head hunted.
Do not have a retirement saving. As you reach 55 and ready to retire you might have half a million in KWSP
This comparisons is from myself and my thinking. Anybody out there is free to use it or edit it for their own.

So what about tax?

How many of us here have actually paid for tax? I have not registered myself, I don’t think I would want to to register for it as it is a repeating process till you die. Even if you do not have a income you got to submit your income tax form. Silly may it be but yes the government do not want to miss out their chance to tax the moment you make a come back :)

But for the tax thing, I am not fully aware myself if any of the Malaysian Blogger or Non Malaysian blogger are being taxed. As most would not want to write how much are they being taxed or nor do they want to be find out they are eligible to be taxed. I cannot talk much about tax because I am not eligible to be taxed yet, as the requirement in Malaysia to be tax are those earning MYR2,800.00 and above. But I think they rise it up to RM3,000.00 some time ago.

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