Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ever thought of becoming a toyboy?

Have any of you young man ever thought of becoming a toyboy? For some strange reason they guys are getting paid more the chinadoll's. Well if we compare the rate, here in Kota Kinabalu there may be some exchange rate issue. But I don't think the girls in Singapore are getting paid any difference if you compare the figure paid.

"A popular toy boy may earn about RM4,600 a night, said one of them." Read more

So like wow, they can earn what a average Singaporean earn in a month? So guys if you think you got the looks and the needs for money. I can bet you be earning a lot becoming a toyboy :)

What is a toyboy?
A young male partner for a woman or man..(Wiktionary)

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renaye said...

to be frank, i don't mind being an escort with strictly no sex. and this is usually written in the company's agreement... giving 'extra' service or not is up to the escort. this is what i know la from some companies...

Adriel D.K said...

Most guys would not mind because of the pay. But the one usually offering such service here are the non-locals here in my City. Where of cause they give extra service.

Nothing really new about it actually :)

arad.adeli@yahoo.com said...

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