Thursday, April 23, 2009

Statistic of Gary Ng Blog

I started to notice a lot of people are starting to Google Up for Gary Ng Blog. Most of the time they would search for

gary ng blog28
elizabeth wong17
gary ng video11
gary ng10
gary ng blogspot4
garyng blogspot3
gutteruncensored.blogspot.com2 traffic rank in other countries

* 24,386 Australia
* 30,403 China
* 362,712 Germany
* 7,969 Hong Kong
* 221,027 Japan
* 894 Malaysia
* 2,192 Nigeria
* 37,473 Russia
* 169 Singapore
* 67,861 United Kingdom

With all this traffic and ranking on Alexa. I bet he can stop working already lol.

Want to know more about Gary Ng blog and his latest no face sex video? Google him up or just click on the link below:

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Vestige said...

Not bad.

Anonymous said...

wayang times said...

well, he can only stop working if he earns money from the blog. but he dont' put up advertisements or wat so ever as far as i can see. unless girls r paying to ermmm do him? lol.

Adriel D.K said...

lol yeah if he had some like Gutter site I am sure he don't need to work & be a full time.. er... pornstar lol