Wednesday, April 15, 2009

56 Year old & disable man is actually a local p0rn Star LOL

"A 56-year-old disabled man running a laundry service, who is receiving monthly assistance from the Welfare Department. Is actually a porn star actor and have been filming his own sexual exploits also sold it to the public. The police claim to have been watching him for a while after receiving some tips from his fans. Then around 4pm raided him seizing a pen drive which contained video recordings of the man having sex with a woman believed to be a foreigner in her 20s." Read more

Who would imagine a 56 year old man could be making money by selling his own porn? Maybe he had those big Cd-r burner that could burn up 10-20 Cd's at a time, then using it to burn all his porn movie he created. I bet he must be 1 rich disable man lol..

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