Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Black armpit pictures of Elizabeth Wong have appear

Well this news has been around, I did not dare to post it. But yes for you guys out day who don't know how to use google to find where are her new pictures. Try using this keyword:

Oh my sexy assemblywoman

News Site:

She has a black armpit, and well can see a bit of her beer belly. Yeah so that's about it for Elizabeth Wong new pictures. Not really worth looking at, I am still wondering why do they call it scandalous.

Unlike former MCA Chua Soi Lek, he had a sex video ha ha ha with a young lady too. Not to mention he did not want to resign at first until everyone pressured him LOL

3 Spam or critics..:

renaye said...

err what colour is her armpit and what kind of belly she has is pretty too much for us to comment coz that's really infringing one's privacy!

Adriel D.K said...

well yeah, then again it is much better then being comment for sex scandal :)

Not that I am right commenting but yes she does has black armpit. Unlike most blog and local news, they twist the story and yes framing her to step down from her position. Which I find more worst then saying she has a black armpit.

But my whole point to this post is to say this is not a scandalous picture. Then again I could not help not to saying anything about the black armpit. :x

renaye said...

poor elizabeth. some people would just do anything to ruin some one else life.