Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adjusting my daylight saving?

For some strange reason, I always fell asleep around 3pm now days. Be it in front of this laptop, on the sofa or yes the best place of cause on my bed (Not strange falling asleep there). I am trying to adjust but I can't seem to discipline myself with the flexibility of time I got now. I still go to bed before around the same time, then only I do less work in the afternoon. I wonder is it because of the heat we are facing here in Sabah?

It has been pretty hot the past few days, you get sun burn easily if you are not used to it. But of cause some idiot wants to get sunburn and go for sun tanning during this summer time. Where they end up getting sunburn and not tan lol.

Anyway Malaysia 1st submarine is expected to arrive Kota Kinabalu soon. You can have a look at it infront Segama waterfront I think... nvm in front of Cocoon Restaurant and Bar I mean. I am sure everyone knows where is that. There is a new pedestrian walking area, just near the big sword fish which cost rm3 million to be build. I would like to go there but then it would depends on the weather, my mood and of cause... how crowded is it. If there is just too many people I don't want to go.

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