Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Engaged lady Raped by her own friend

Ampang: She was about to get married but just because she took a friend offer to send her, she ended up getting rape.

It happened around 8AM in the morning while waiting for a taxi in front of her house. Where her friend happened to pass by then stopped to offer her a ride. She claim to have rejected the offer but the friend repeatedly request to give a ride. So the victim just followed with out knowing the rapist real intention.

While on the way to work, the friend claim to have left some important document back at home. So he inform her that he needs to go back home and take it. But the lady insisted to send her first which resulted a small argument and it ended up with a physical attack. The lady was repeatedly slapped on the face causing her to pass out.

"As the guy reached home, the lady regain conscious and tried to run away also shouted for help. But with no luck there was nobody and the friend over powered her physically. She was raped repeatedly onwards." Read more (malay)

I have notice there is a lot of rape incidents going on now days. I mean like is it increasing or is it getting more expose?. Those victim who are being raped has more confident in the police rather in this time, rather then before maybe just telling their friends and hunt down the rapist and kill him. Maybe because of the technology today, rapist are being tempted by the Porn available for free from the internet. Making them desperado and turning them into a rapist. Still I wish to see someone actually being arrested and also being a victim of Anti-Rape Condom. I am sure he be a famous rapist, going to the hospital along with the rape victim lol.

Anyway I was reading about it on from myMetro and yes they write almost about everything and not just Politics like some others local news. The only issue I had was the language they use. Only Bahasa Melayu, not that I could not read it but if there is something interesting and yes I would like to blog about it. I have to do a translation for the whole article. Anyway if you are a Malaysian I would recommend you to have a look at the site :)

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