Saturday, April 11, 2009

Strippers in Sweeden are being TAX!!!

Who would have thought a strippers can be tax by the government? Well it is a job but here is the thing I don't like about government. They want to tax as long they think it is a job. Legal or not legal both are the same to me, if you are running something illegal here and the cops find out. They have a chance to become the income tax agent. Yes, they will ask if you want to be arrested or pay the monthly tax(protection money).

"I don't think they have any costs really - almost 100% of what they earn is pocketed. Many have regular work and this is extra income. We want them to register their activity as a business - it's still taxable, even if it's a hobby," Read more

What idiot wants to register them self with the income tax? Idiots.

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