Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sacred Heart Church

I was in church today and yes I was there here is a video of it:

So yes I went for the good Friday mass today with Griselda, Emily & Leigh. Started off at 6pm, the place was really pack as you can see from the Video and really warm.. no Hot. We were sitting below the fan and yes I was sweating a lot still. Anyway the church has really a long history in Kota Kinabalu. Back then it was called The Pre-War Sacred Heart Church. From the name itself you would know it was a church build during the war time & completed in 1938.

The Pre-War Sacred Heart Church
completed in 1938

The idea of constructing a new Cathedral building was first mooted in early 1970s when it was discovered that the roof structure of the old Pro-Cathedral was weak and threatening the safety of the building. The old building was constructed in 1953 after the World War II when the former church was demolished by aerial bombing in 1960, certain renovations and additions were found necessary to cope with the increasing numbers coming to the Sacred Heart Church.

The job was awarded in September and completed in early November 1981. The main Cathedral has a capacity of about 1,200 on the ground and another 250 seats on the balcony. The interior of the Cathedral is column-free and the Building Committee has paid special attention to acoustic, ventilation and lighting for the building.

Today a striking landmark in the State Capital, the Cathedral holds four Sunday Masses (Sunset Mass in English, First Mass in Chinese, Second Mass in English and the Third Mass in the Malay language) with a combined congregation of about 5,000 faithfuls.

I just notice it is over 12.. so I mean the post was suppose to be yesterday stuff... :\


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