Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A blogger

Well as like most of you guys who has been reading my blog for some years now. Would know I would usually randomly brows around and for some reason accidentally visit a random blog or 1 that would catch my eyes.

Then this particular 1 just caught my eyes.

The blog is about a full time Wife and Mother also a Part Time Blogger. For once I hardly see much who would write about every little details happen and post it on the blogs. There are some but not much, so what makes this blogger special?

I notice she has more 200 post (roughly estimation with 5 post per page) and its like there are daily updates. Where her recent post has just gotten my attention haha;

"I recently I found out that most of the blogs that exchanged links with me have not placed my link on their blogs or haven't grabbed my badge, so I am cleaning up my blog roll and am removing the blogs that didn't link back to me."

Well not that I am expecting anything but yes I would like to read someone blog is straight forward. :)

Life According To Me
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