Sunday, April 26, 2009

Choosing the Best Tour Agent in Kota Kinabalu

I happen to had breakfast in Devis Curry house this morning, yes the roti is delicious there. Anyway Promande Apartment hotel lobby is just beside the shop. So you get to see tourist would stop in front of Davis and go into the main entrance of Promanade apartment hotel.  There was this particular lorry big a few Chinese looking tourist at the back of it. Try have a look:


Well anything could happen so it was nothing much to look at.. Maybe the transport they were using had some breakdown or something. So I saw them bringing down their luggage and so on entering the hotel.


Then I notice the driver of the lorry was doing something at the back of his lorry:


Notice the two item at the back of the lorry? Well I thought it was something mirror or TV being covered with a canvas & well the other item was a place . But no, the driver used it for something else…



Yes the driver just converted his lorry into a public transport now LOL. People can ride the lorry with out worrying about the sun now. The very same Chinese tourist came out of the hotel lobby and yes waited for the driver to finish setting up the tent hahaha…


The driver even show the tourist how they can climb up the lorry. I don’t see any of them having any problem except for the last guy.. yes he was the biggest there, not to mention carrying around his DSLR camera.


Two of his friend had to help pull him up LOL, the driver was this setting up the canvas. There is even a place to sit at the back.


Well maybe the tourist them self rented the lorry. Where they are heading I do not know, as I don’t think I know where can they go with a lorry and not with a 4x4 vehicle  :)

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