Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sick neighbour strangled a four-month-old puppy to death

I find this people really sick, all because of their culture and religious beliefs. They are willing to kill the puppy? That sound like pure bullshit, racist, sick, and they should be killed.

Not only they killed the puppy, the son of the neighbor even threatened the puppy owner. For exposing the incident to NST causing him to go her house armed with a metal pipe, shouting for her and her husband. Yes the puppy owner is a lady by the name Sri Indria from Indonesia and she is pregnant too.

What kind of barbaric act is this? Threatening your neighbor for exposing the truth? Not to mention even willing to kill a harmless puppy. People like this should never live in Malaysia, they should go to some war country then get rape then killed.

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Kay Leaf said...

yesh. there are many crazy people around. beware.

Adriel D.K said...

*Adriel is looking at 1 of them

haha jk xD

wayang times said...

oh this is sickening... why are there such people who lacks compassion???!

sythen said...